Ubtan Face Pack 100gm


The Love Potion Ubtan is a natural face mask with no chemicals and unlike other masks, it’s filled with loads of natural ingredients and goodness… The milk used in the mask helps to lighten the dark spots on the skin that gives your skin a glow you have never experienced before.

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The Love Potion

Ubtan Face Pack for bright and glowing skin

Containing 15 skin loving Ingridients which will make skin soft smooth and glowing naturally… Ubtan is very much beneficial for your skin. It has a lot of things to offer. Apart from giving a hole in your pocket, it gives your skin a gleaming glow. Owing to the natural ingredients used in the ubtan, we suggest you make it a permanent addition to your beauty regimen. It is the best natural way to enhance your beauty. Here are some benefits of ubtan that will help you know how effective this beauty pack is.

1. Ubtan Helps Get Rid Of Tan All the ingredients used in ubtan have coolant properties that help relieve your skin from excess heat and tan. They remove dead skin and help get a soft and supple skin.

2. It Helps Clear The Skin The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties in ubtan inhibit the growth of bacteria. Further keeping the skin off acne, spots, and pimples.

3. Reduces Facial Hair Ubtan is said to weaken the hair from the root and reduce its growth. Make sure you apply ubtan in circular motions to ensure reduced facial hair growth.

4. May Help Delay Ageing Spots Certain compounds in turmeric and sandalwood powder help delay wrinkles and fine lines. Along with spots that may make you look a lot older than your age.